Scroll-Stopping, Attention-Getting, Click-Worthy Facebook Ad Design Tips

by mylocalbusinessbuilders March 05, 2018
Facebook Ad Design Tips

Check out this video for our Scroll-Stopping, Attention-Getting, Click-Worthy Facebook Ad Design Tips.

90% of Small Businesses Facebook Ads simply DON’T WORK.

DESIGN is a critical aspect of Facebook Ads.

Your Facebook Ads won’t work well if you don’t have a CLICK-WORTHY OFFER…


You can have all the money in the world to pay for Facebook Ads but if you don’t have the kind of design that will RESONATE with your target audience, then you’re spending your MONEY FOR NOTHING!

Here are a few tips to make sure you USE THE RIGHT VISUALS for your Facebook Ads:

Use HIGH-QUALITY images – Some stock images are great, but most are overused.

Use ORIGINAL graphics – If you have original images that showcase your brand and your customers, USE THEM!

Use PHOTOS OF PEOPLE – Images of a person projects an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION with the audience.

Use LOCATION-SPECIFIC images – If you are promoting a local business, you should use images which SHOWCASE YOUR LOCAL AREA.

Use VISUAL CONTRAST or FILTERS – Using the right contrast and filters for your images is very useful.

Use CAROUSEL ADS if possible – Carousel ads are awesome if you have excellent high-quality images.

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