Top 10 Website Mistakes You Must Avoid

by mylocalbusinessbuilders February 24, 2018
Top 10 Local Business Website Mistakes You Must Avoid

Are you making any of these mistakes on your website? If you’re new to marketing online or an experienced business owner who isn’t getting the results you expect from your website, odds are you’re making at least one of these mistakes!

Review the Top 10 Website Mistakes You Must Avoid & implement now for a site that is better optimized to drive sales, improve conversions and increase your bottom line!

Your website is a critical part of your digital infrastructure. If you’re not maximising the potential of your website, or have small mistakes letting you down, you’ll certainly be leaving money on the table when it comes to traffic, leads, conversions and sales.

Check out these Top 10 Website Mistakes You Must Avoid:

10. Weak Logo – Get it custom made by an expert…no excuses, this is your brand!

9. Poor Favicon – Or none at all.

8. No FAQ, Privacy Policy or Terms & Conditions pages.

7. Grammer, spelling & punctuation mistakes.

6. No Custom Domain Name – This is a must to get your business found.

5. Niche Inconsistency – GymGear dot com should sell gym gear.

4. No Calls To Action (CTAs) – Add yours immediately!

3. Little or No Customisation (Pop-ups, Newsletter etc).

2. Rushed Descriptions for your product or service

1. Little or No Serious Investment of time, money & expertise.

If your website is letting you down, you’ve got any of the troubles listed above or you just want to discover exactly how to start getting your website to work for you and your business to drive sales, improve conversions and increase your bottom line, then Contact Us to see how we can help.

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