Understanding Facebook Ads

by mylocalbusinessbuilders December 02, 2015
Understanding Facebook Ads


Facebook ads have created a fundamental change in the way people can advertise online by delivering a comprehensive range of advertising and ad targeting options to ensure that your advertisements are reaching the most targeted audience possible.

Online advertising, once limited to simple banner ads, can now be delivered in a variety of different forms that were once un-imaginable, especially using platforms like Facebook ads.

Understanding Facebook Ads

Here are some of the Facebook ads you need to know about:

Public Facebook Page – This is the simplest and cheapest (free) way to advertise your business online using Facebook. You simply setup a public Facebook page for free which will allow you to add posts and update the page regularly, providing valuable information to your audience of targeted followers. Even for beginners, this is the most cost-effective and easy way to advertise on Facebook for free.

Sponsored Domain Ads – Domain ads are one of the more common types of paid ads that you will see on Facebook and when a user clicks the ad they are then taken to an external site (normally your website) outside of Facebook. These ads are often run to increase site traffic and improve customer interaction on your primary site. Domain ads can also be used to provide social proof through messages like “You friend, John, likes this page/site”.

Event Ads – Event ads are helpful if you are looking to increase the exposure or publicity for your events. These ads are usually shown on the right hand side of the desktop with a maximum of 90 characters in the description.

Mobile App Ads – These ad types are specific for people using Facebook on mobile devices looking for apps specific to their device. Once the ad is clicked the user can be taken directly to the App Store or Google Play and shown the app install page where they can directly install the mobile app. Users can be specifically targeted by the type of device they are using so that advertisers are 100% certain their ad is only being shown to users who are able to download it to the device they are using. The effectiveness of mobile app ads is measured by the number of downloads and is directly integrated between Facebook and the app store platforms.

Page Post Ads – This is easily the most widely used type of ad in which your Facebook page post will appear as ‘sponsored’ or ‘promoted’ in the users newsfeed.  Once the user clicks on the link they are directed straight to the public Facebook page. This particular Facebook ad type is popular as it can be setup and configured simply straight from the page using the “Boost Post” button where the user can set a target audience and budget and start showing their post to paid, targeted visitors immediately.

Offer Ads – An enticing offer can be appealing to users when written well. The key to a successful offer ad is to include the important details, the number of people who previously accepted the offer and the expiration date. The photo should also speak a lot, because it’s what the users would notice at first glance.

Sponsored Stories – Besides the usual ads, sponsored stories can also be purchased through Facebook Marketing. These are frequently the most interactive type of ads. They are, in reality, support and endorsement made by the user’s friends, and thus tend to get higher click-through and rates of engagement. Once a person likes a certain page, it becomes an ad that appears onto other user’s new feed. This is more effective in some cases because the credibility of a recommendation from friends is likely to be higher.

All in all, Facebook ads offer both a wide range of ad types to suit all different campaign objectives along with detailed ad targeting designed to ensure your ads are only delivered to people in your target audience who are most likely to want to interact with you.

Use these tips on Understanding Facebook Ads to help improve your Facebook Advertising or Contact Us to discuss how we can run a Social Media Marketing campaign for your business.

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