Expert SEO Consultant For Local Business

Specialising in Digital Marketing Coaching for Local Business Owners

Our Local Coaching was developed to provide small business owners just like you with access to expert advice and encouragement to guide you through the process of understanding how to market your business to local customers online and give you business the boost it deserves.

Our small business coaching programs are customised to suit your goals, so rather than general coaching following a template, we aim to understand the issues, challenges or problems you are facing in your business and build a unique plan to deliver the best results.

There are no contracts or long term agreements. You pay for your coaching package up front and you are off and running or you can choose to Pay as You Go, paying for each individual session in advance.

Our small business mentor and local business coaching sessions are run online using dedicated meeting rooms at Go To Meeting. You can see your coach, share screens and information. We even provide you with a voice recording of the session. You can also choose to meet your coach via Skype or phone.

Once you start your coach will call you to schedule appointment times that work for you both. We recommend you schedule your coaching appointments one to two weeks apart so you have time to work on any suggested strategies or action items between sessions.

All coaching sessions are completely confidential and our coaches are happy to sign non disclosure and confidentiality agreements if required.

You can expect your sessions to include an information gathering phase, discussion of the issue and how it is impacting on your business and recommendations or suggested solutions. Your coach can also work with you to develop basic strategies and action lists for you to complete between sessions.

We’ve kept the sessions to one hour as we know from experience you will be processing lots of information in your session and an hour is about the maximum concentration limit for most people. We believe it takes between three to five sessions to work out the real issues and work with you to develop, implement, test and refine your local business marketing strategies.

How do you get started?

You pay AUD$985 /GST Inclusive for five x 1 hour online or phone coaching sessions with your selected small business coach or coaches. If you use Go To Meeting this fee includes voice recordings of your sessions so you don’t have to take endless notes and can refer back to your sessions at any time. You will also receive copies of coaches notes and any goals and strategy sheets developed during your coaching session.

You can also pay-as-you-go! If you sign up for five x 1 hour online coaching sessions, you can choose to pay five x $197/GST Inclusive payments at any stage prior to your next session.

Each coaching package should be enough to get you from A to B for most common issues. If you need more time you can purchase individual sessions for $197 per session.

We do not offer individual sessions unless you have already purchased a package as our small business mentors prefer to work with clients over a number of sessions.

Your Package Includes

AUD$985/GST Inclusive

Five x 1 hour, on line coaching sessions with your local business coach
Recordings of your sessions

Copies of notes and any goals and strategy sheets developed during the sessions.

To talk to us about how we can help you with personalised local business mentoring and coaching, simply enter your details into the form below and we’ll contact you to see how we can help.

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