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Greatest Misconception in Content Marketing

It’s probably pretty clear to everyone that content marketing takes time, but there’s a common misconception in just how much time. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand warns us of an overly optimistic mindset, and shows us how things really (usually) end up happening.

How to Earn the Amplification of Influencers

Identifying and leveraging influencers can have an amazing ability to amplify your message and boost your brand. However it is often difficult to get them to help share your message. Learn strategies for getting influencers to help you share your content and message.

5 Steps to Facebook Advertising

Lauren Vacarello outlines the different ad types on Facebook and walks us through getting started with Facebook advertising!

An SEO Checklist for New Sites

Hundreds of thousands of new domains are registered every day. Starting out with search engine optimization and keeping a well-optimized site after publishing will give your site a huge advantage over sites that weren’t built with SEO in mind. Our PRO members requested an SEO checklist that SEOs can use when optimizing new sites. Here it is!

Is Brand a Google Ranking Factor

A frequently asked question in the SEO world is whether or not branding plays a part in Google’s ranking algorithm. There’s a short answer with a big asterisk, and in today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand explains what you need to know.

How to Provide Unique Value in Your Content

Marketers of all stripes are hearing more about providing unique content and value to their audiences, and how that’s what Google wants to show searchers. Unique content is straightforward enough, but what exactly does everyone mean by “unique value?” What does that actually look like?

Headline Writing and Title Tag SEO

When writing headlines and title tags, we’re often conflicted in what we’re trying to say and (more to the point) how we’re trying to say it. Do we want it to help the page rank in SERPs? Do we want people to be intrigued enough to click through? Or are we trying to best satisfy the searcher’s intent? We’d like all three, but a headline that achieves them all is incredibly difficult to write.

Discover just how small the intersection of those goals is, and learn a process you can use to find the best way forward.

Using Social Media to Earn Links

Web marketers are increasingly turning to social media as a great source of high-quality links. Deciding to utilize social is a good first step, but earning the attention of others is easier said than done.

Rand Fiskin from Moz shares four of his favorite tactics for squeezing the most link juice out of social media.

Discover just how small the intersection of those goals is, and learn a process you can use to find the best way forward.